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Company Profile

EPP Composites is one of the leading global players in the rapidly growing Composite Industry. EPP was established in 1986 with the intention to develop its place in the Composite Industry with focus on Quality and Customer Service. It is a global multi-product, multi-divisional group that is engaged in manufacturing of Composite Products in India; spread over 850 thousand square feet.

EPP has got seven different manufacturing facilities catering to needs of various products such as GRP Pipes, Chemical Plant & Equipments, Building Products, Pultrusion Products, SMC products and CFW products.

The extensive range of products manufactured by EPP includes - GRP/GRE Pipes, Fittings & Liners, FRP Cooling Towers/Scrubbers/Blowers/Hoods/Ducts & Chimneys, FRP Storage Tanks, various FRP Pultruded Products, FRP Cable Trays, SMC Electrical Boxes, Electrical Poles, FRP Doors & Roofing Sheets.

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Siddharth Shah

Siddharth Shah, the chairman of the company by education he is a mechanical engineer and rubber plastic technologist. With his deep understanding of fiscal policy and economics he has excelled the skill of managing financial portfolio of company. His clear focus on vision has resulted in stupendous growth and a team of experts that made commercial and financial growth path look easy.

Managing Director

Jayraj Shah

Jayraj Shah is a managing director of company by education he is science graduate. His sound knowledge of technicalities of Composites industry and product has assured overall smooth operations at EPP. His keen interest in R&D and technical know-how has taken a shape of multi divisional composite manufacturing company with state-of-engineering facilities. His leadership qualities and Core Team Skills are benchmark for others to achieve. He is known for nurturing the team of professionals and making them significant part of EPP family.

Our Vision

  • To become the world's leading company for fibre glass composites products by year 2025.
  • To adopt all latest fibre glass composite manufacturing technologies.
  • To cater all industrial sectors where there is a demand of composite based products.
  • To create values for our customers through our products and services.
  • Continue to grow as people's company.

Our Mission

  • EPP strives to provide best in class products at competitive prices with on time delivery.
  • EPP believes in doing business with ethics.
  • EPP is committed to deliver continual progress by adopting new technologies and practice for sustainable development.
  • EPP fosters health & well being of their employees.

Core Values & Cultural Priorities

  • Safety First
  • Excellence in performance
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Integrity and transparency in practice
  • Planned, prompt and punctual in action
  • Responsiveness and Resilience

Quality Policy

  • EPP is committed to providing technologically superior products & high-quality services to achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • We are committed to quality, integrity, and excellence in all areas of business.
  • We pledge to monitor our performance as an ongoing activity and strive for continual improvement.