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Cooling Tower Profiles

Cooling Tower Profiles

Salient Features

  • Very good Strength to weight ratio. This makes it lighter than steel, aluminium, wood & Concrete.
  • With the density between 1.7-2.0 , this are 60-70% lighter than Steel.
  • Excellent Chemical resistance towards most of the acids and alkalis.
  • Inherent capabilities of GRP provide a great resistance to electric Charge.
  • Over the standard sizes, profiles and shapes can be designed to minimize the assembly cost.
  • With special FR Grade resins, profiles have a fire retardant property and low flammability.
  • Additional Polyurethane paints can offer greater UV Stability.
  • Self Pigmented profiles and chemical and mechanical properties ensures the Lowest life cycle cost.
  • Composites don’t absorb water or react with water which makes them the friendliest material to water.
  • Profiles have great thermal properties and work without losing its bonds cross linking polymers.

Technical Specification

All the pultruded profiles manufactured by EPP, uses Tri-axial surface mats to improve Strength, Fire retardancy and UV Properties.

For specific custom requirements Epoxy or Vinylester resin base structural profiles can be offered.

Design Standards

  • As per CTI STD-137 standard and BS EN 13706 (E-17 & E-23) Standards


As per requirements

Quality Specifications

Tests as per CTI /ASTM/ BIS / IEC standards.

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